This art education project was born in the year 2013 and is promoted in the Colegio Virgen de Atocha, where it has since then endured with a growing number of students.


Workshop Objectives:

  • To offer a space for artistic creation, encouraging a positive leisure in which students have fun at the same time they learn.
  • To promote creativity and the taste for the creation in the plastic arts at an early age.
  • Use artistic expression as a means of communication.
  • Experimenting and alternating different techniques of plastic expression.
  • To educate in the sustainability through the realization of workshops and projects of recycling, the reuse of materials of waste of daily use (containers, magazines or newspapers, etc.) and the use of elements of the nature for the artistic creation.


The activities will be adapted to the age and concerns of each student. Examples:

  • Two-dimensional techniques: stencil, transfer, academic drawing, workshop textures, stamping, etc.
  • Three-dimensional techniques: modeling with various materials (clay, plasticine, paper pulp, etc.), sculpture from recycling materials, mobile creation.
  • Performing Arts: Theater of Shadows, stop motion.
  • Bodypainting: Face painting.

The school will follow a methodology characterized by:

  • Varied in techniques and procedures: workshops will alternate different techniques and plastic procedures.
  • Creative: Students will be guided to develop their full creative potential, without stopping their ideas or intervening directly in them, always making them the protagonists of their works.
  • Group and individualized: a wide variety of proposals for collaborative work will be carried out, always studying the individual artistic development of each student.
  • Playful and educational: being aware that it is an activity that occupies the leisure time of the students in the space of the school, our main objective will be the amusement of the Boys/ACE. Learning will take place through creative action, thus fostering a taste for artistic expression.