Textile and Materic abstractions

Collection of works carried out between 2017 and 2018.

Plastic research through the use of various materials of waste and second hand (fabrics and woods), where the painting and technique of collage are the protagonists of graphic expression.

It is a search for harmonies through a painting that experiments with the combination of color spots and textures.

As for the experimental aesthetics of the works, one can observe the consolidation of an intuitive style in which the choice of cold colors is repeated and where luminous details on dark backgrounds stand out.

In this case, the focus of artistic creation is in the creative process itself. Apart from the final product, it matters the creative experience experienced.

In addition, the involvement in the manufacture of the supports; Looking for secondhand wood, buying loose items and collecting old and broken clothes to give a new life to fabrics that have already been used, also opens a door to research into a more sustainable art.


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